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We are a trusted technology consulting firm that partners with clients to solve their data and business challenges, improving operations and enabling growth. We are creative, and always seek for the best solutions for each problem.



Our strategy for consulting and digital transformation!

We work with the client to truly understand his moment and business problem!

Only then we propose a very bespoken solution for the problem, from simple data analysis to a more complete digital transformation roadmap, everything is tailor made, in an agile model, and planning to constantly deliver partial business results.

And the client can always count on the best professionals for each of these phases, with a massive focus on cyber security, GDPR and in implementing the best technologies of information security on the projects.


Our values

We care for people


We genuinely care for people and embrace differences.

We are cliente-oriented​


The success of our client

is our success.

We innovate with agility​


We learn, adapt and use data for decision making.

Our dialogue is fearless​


We listen and speak honestly, collaboratively and ethically.


Going global

Maxxidata is a rapidly growing, decentralized company, with employees working from many different geographies and their many cultural differences, we find the best talents wherever they are. And our operation and projects themselves, are all getting more and more global.

Learn more:

  • We consider our clients as strategical partners, and we work together for a continuous long-term-value creation. At any project or service performed by Maxxidata, we overcome difficulties to ensure great business deliverables. 

  • Always innovating, we offer products and services with the highest possible quality, and the best technologies available. Our portfolio has projects of big data and analytics, countless software and mobile apps, and we now have a new international team specialized in blockchain!

  • Maxxidata embraces diversity and has an experienced technical and leadership team, together with a large experience in different industries and companies, from all over the world. We have in our DNA the culture of team-working, with expert leaders that always ensure the highest performance from our teams, at any work done by Maxxidata!


Some of our clients

And... who is part of Maxxidata?



  • Portals;

  • Platforms;

  • Apps;

  • Simulators;

  • Product Design;

  • Product Discovery.



  • Data Cleansing;

  • Data Lake.

  • Data Science;

  • Data Visualization

  • Business Inteligence;

  • Advanced Analytics.

Customer Support


  • Support N1, N2 and N3;

  • Assisted support.

Blockchain & NFT Tech


  • Blockchain Construction;

  • System Inttegration;

  • Crypto & NFT Solutions.

Services and Products

These are some of the services and products in Maxxidata’s portfolio. We also have tailor solutions for any business specific needs our clients may have.



  • Portals

  • Platforms;

  • Apps;

  • Simulators;

  • Product Design;

  • Product Discovery.

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As a company, we are always creating and searching for challenging projects. Whether you are considering new models, searching for inventive pathways, or needing to solve a hard problem, we can help you with tailor solutions that will support your company and generate long-term success.


"We are" Maxxidata!

Maxxidata is a technology company, made by people for people. Our team is our biggest asset. We are creative and we have an incredible commitment with all technology challenges that we love so much.


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Maxxidata aims at maximization of results and experiences through technology and innovation. We are always looking for talented, creative, and engaged individuals, who seeks challenges, learning and great career opportunities. We want you to be part of our team!

We are Maxxidata!